T-Rex skeleton model


T-Rex skeleton model


Imagine bringing a dinosaur back to life! Now you can; with the T-Rex Skeleton Model.

Unravel the mysteries of this majestic creature as you assemble the bones of this massive creature that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago.

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T-Rex skeleton model

With the T-Rex Skeleton Model, you create your own scale replica of this eight-ton tyrannosaurus.

You can begin to imagine the enormity of this 20-foot tall creature whose body spanned a full forty feet!

Play and learn about dinosaur fossil with this realistic T-Rex Skeleton Model.

Reasons to Buy The T-Rex skeleton model:

  • The T-Rex model is made of PVC which is pollution free, odourless, non-toxic and non-allergic with a natural colour
  • A cool realistic shape with the right proportion, exquisite detail and fine workmanship
  • Perfect for Boys, Girls and Children of ALL ages that may have an interest Science, Archaeology, Palaeontology
  • The T-Rex model will be an excellent gift, decoration and educational tool for the curious and inquisitive people.


What our Friends and Customers have said about the T-Rex skeleton model:

“Took a while to put together, now it is built, not sure what to do with my time”

 “Shame my son didn’t want it as a model, he wanted it as a toy to “make extinct again”, husband enjoyed building it though.

“Excellent way of teaching my children about the Dinosaurs, kept them busy for quite some time. Very pleased with the final product, it stands quite impressive among the Jurassic Park toys”


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