Anti Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case

$29.99 $19.99


Anti Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case

$29.99 $19.99

Our Anti Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case is touted as the Spider-Man of iPhone cases. It will allow you to stick your phone effortlessly to any vertical surface. Simple to use for following instruction videos or creating perfect looking selfies.

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Anti-Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case

Whatever the reason you might have to stick your phone to a wall, the Anti Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case most certainly has a plethora of uses.

Reasons to Buy This Case:


  • It is perfect for: No hands selfies, watching a movie without holding it
  • It will also help you whilst making calculations or notes on a white board
  • For playing music it will help with getting better acoustics
  • It will stick to, Glass, Mirrors, Whiteboard, Metal, Computer Screen, Wood Floor, Caramic Tiles, Plastic and any other plain surface. Making your mobile phone truly hands free.
  • Perfect for recording videos without the need to hold the phone for a true static recording
  • The case sturdy and non slip


A Note from Emma (Marketing)

Fantastic product. I use it to watch the makeup tutorials to aid with applying my makeup or fixing my hair whilst I am out and about. It is also good when out in the car as can use the Sat Nav function on my iPhone. Just imagine that you are writing a notes whilst you are out for your blog, when you are home, stick it to a flat surface such as your screen and you can easily write out your blog without keep looking away from the screen (Time saving idea).

What our Friends and Customers have said about the Anti-Gravity Nano Suction iPhone Case:

“Wow, I now record my video blog from my phone where I often need both hands for making a demonstration look good”

“I have one for video calling my relatives and for taking great looking selfies”

“I like it very much, it has given me hands free freedom when watching Youtube and Films”


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